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2013 THETA Program

Sunday 07 April 2013: Meetings and Conference Welcome

13:00-16:00 Meeting space available    
13:00-16:00 Registration open    
17:00-18:30 Conference Welcome Reception at MONA
Ferries provided from conference venue, or make your own way there earlier in the day and join the welcome reception when the museum closes.

Monday 8 April 2013: Conference Day 1

7:30-18:30 Registration open Mezzanine Level
8:30-9:00 Arrival tea and coffee Federation Ballroom
9:00-10:50 Opening plenary
Federation Concert Hall
Session Chair: Jeff Murray, CIO, University of Tasmania
9:00-9:20    Welcome and opening matters  
9:20-9:30    Conference opening: Prof Peter Rathjen, Vice-Chancellor, University of Tasmania  
9:30-10:00    Featured speaker: David Jensen AM, CEO, Mawson's Huts Foundation
Mawson - taking science to the edge

   Keynote: Prof Marnie Hughes-Warrington, DVC (Academic), ANU
   Navigating the Edge of the World


10:45-10:50    Announcements  
10:50-11:15 Morning tea  
11:15-12:40 Transformational Change
Chair: Ralph Kiel
Learning and Teaching Support
Chair: Gerry Kregor
Virtual Libraries
Chair: Wendy Hoyle
Experiments and Radical Learning
Chair: Jamie Sunderland
Solutions The Lounge
  Grand Ballroom 1 Grand Ballroom 2 Grand Ballroom 3 Federation Concert Hall Chancellor Room 4 Mezzanine Level
11:15-11:40 "Finding Your Voice" - examples of successful IT leadership development in Higher Education
Neil Thelander
  Planning the (virtual) Library - leadership at the edge of the real world
Peter Green
  How video conferencing enhances the educational outcomes for teachers and students in the Asia ConneXions
Myung-Sook Auh, Cisco
11:45-12:10 Performing at the edge: How Griffith University IT is redesigning itself as it moves from the edge of the world as we know it to the edge of the new world that is upon us
Bruce Callow and David Gunsberg

The Case for a Centre for Learning and Teaching
Kevin Ashford-Rowe

Full Paper

If the Library goes digital will University staff come to the party?
Helen Livingston
The Adelaide experiment – Would you like an iPad with that?
Simon Pyke, Bob Hill and Karin Barovich
Mobility Risk and Readiness - keep in touch with latest developments in the fast-changing mobile world
Ashutosh Kapsé , Southern Cross Computer Systems 
12:15 -12:40 Leading from the Edge: Exploiting Talent for Competitive Service Advantage
Joanne Sparks, Mary Davies and Grace Saw
Directives and Academics: educational developers, technology and the right support
Carolyn Woodley, Roger Funk and Lisa Curran
‘The Google amendment’: achieving new ways of working within traditional constraints
Carolyn Mcdonald and Julie Toohey
Technology meets Learning: Immersing Staff in e-Learning Development in a Blended Learning Course
Steven Yates and Lisa Smith
End-user freedom and disruptive technology gives way to 21st Century learning outcomes
Asanga Wanigatunga, VMware
David Jensen
12:40-13:50 Lunch 1240-1305: Securing BYOD on campus and off - without agents, tokens, or modifying applications.
Adam Neale, EB2BCOM
13:50-15:15 Transformational Change
Chair: Michael Kirby-Lewis
Learning Spaces
Chair: Margaret Hicks
Library Systems
Chair: Jane Long
Research Communities
Chair: Chris Bridge
Solutions The Lounge
  Grand Ballroom 1 Grand Ballroom 2 Grand Ballroom 3 Federation Concert Hall Chancellor Room 4 Mezzanine Level
13:50-14:15 The Disrupted University - "Less is More"
Nick Tate
Outta Space: How technology is changing learning and teaching environments
Carrie Osborne
Thin, Fast and Flexible: no, not me, but the future of document delivery in an age of sharing in the cloud, social media and e commerce
Lynne Vautier
Let's get social: Hacking events and wrangling communities for IT in everyday Research
Steven Manos and David Flanders
ECM Agility for Higher Education - how North American notable universities cut costs and improve efficiency
Denise Choi, Laserfiche
Open Source Technologies for Education
Lindy Klein
14:20-14:45 Technology is failing higher education: A point counterpoint debate
Geoffrey Brown and Patricia McMillan
Principles and standards for modern learning space design
Rob Phillips

Flipped Session on Next Generation Library Management Systems
Peter Green
Full Paper

At the edge of institutional boundaries. Considerations associated with developing a self-managed, cloud based, collaborative project management software for participant based researchers
Hamish Holewa
Acer Touch and Go Notepad and Tablet vending machine for universities - an alternative approach to giving students, teachers and staff access to technology
Derek Walker, Acer
Presentation Here.
Marnie Hughes-Warrington
14:50-15:15 The University as a Learning Commons
Steven Riter, Adrian Gallagher, Robert Stakes and Ralph Kiel

Research Cloud Data Communities
Bernard Meade, Steven Manos, Richard Sinnott, Christopher Fluke, Andy Tseng and Dirk van der Knijff

Full Paper

Splunk - what is Operational Intelligence and why should I care?
Dan Miller, Splunk
15:15-15:30 Coffee break  
15:30-17:30 Afternoon plenary
Federation Concert Hall
Session Chair: Maureen Klinkert, CAUDIT President
15:30-15:35    Welcome and announcements  
15:35-15:45    Address from the President of CAUDIT: Maureen Klinkert, Director of IT Services, University of the Sunshine Coast  
15:45-16:15    Featured speaker: Kate Cornick, General Manager, Health and Education at NBN Co
The role of the NBN in the changing higher education landscape
16:15-16:45    Featured speaker: Perry Samson, Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences, University of Michigan
Mobile Teaching: Conducting Class While Roaming the Room or the World
16:45-17:30    Keynote: Ted Dodds, CIO, Cornell University
   At the Edge of the World with a Compass but no Map
17:30-18:30 Posters reception
Poster presenters: Carina Bossu, Jenni Harrison, Shehaamah Mohamed, Dean Nottingham, Frances O’Neil, Prashant Pandey, Grazia Scotellaro, Bess Swinton, Deb Verhoeven and Alex Hawker, Neda Zdravkovic
Mezzanine Level

Tuesday 9 April 2013: Conference Day 2

7:30-17:00 Registration open Mezzanine Level
8:30-9:00 Arrival tea and coffee Federation Ballroom
9:00-10:30 Morning plenary
Federation Concert Hall
Session Chair: Melanie Pittard, THETA 2013 Program Chair.
9:00-9:05    Welcome  
9:05-9:40    Featured speakers: Claire Macken, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Future Learning) La Trobe University and Janet Zanetis, National Education Advocate Cisco
On the Edge of the Future - radical learning
9:40-10:25    Keynote: Larry Johnson, CEO, New Media Consortium
   The Network is Us
10:25-10:30    Announcements  
10:30-11:00 Morning tea  
11:00-12:25 ICT Projects Driving Change
Chair: Tracy Huntleigh-Smith
Open Education
Chair: Peter Nikoletatos
Research Support
Chair: Peter James
Advances in Scholarly Communication
Chair: Ann Borda
Solutions The Lounge
  Grand Ballroom 1 Grand Ballroom 2 Grand Ballroom 3  Federation Concert Hall Chancellor Room 4 Mezzanine Level
11:00-11:25 A risk worth taking - Leading a diverse and disparate team to achieve significant change
Bronwyn Davies
Developing an institutional online strategy:lessons from the edge
Margaret Hicks and Paul Sherlock
Research Adviser
Heath Cooper, Alex Sawicki and Steve Manos

Recent developments in Open Access
Arthur Sale

Full Paper

Quantifying The Business Value of VMware View Hosted Virtual Desktop Solution
Asanga Wanigatunga, VMware
11:30-11:55 AV Manager vs Labs Manager – Building cutting edge spaces and support through a convergence of worlds
Jason Wheatley and Nick Gilbert
The myth of MOOCs
Derek Whitehead and Luke Padgett
Stepping over the Edge: putting the 'I' and the 'T' into sustainable and integrated research support services: A flipped session
Gabrielle Gardiner and Peter Gale
Outcomes summary
ECMs and Institutional Repositories: The Case for a Unified Enterprise Approach to Content Management
Malcolm Wolski, Natasha Simons and Joanna Richardson
FlexPod - the foundation for flexible infrastructure and private cloud
Corey Adolphus, NetApp
Keynote Larry Johnson
12:00-12:25 Grey Areas and Frayed Edges: What UWS has learnt about leveraging an ITIL implementation to drive cultural change
Sarah Chaloner
Embedding Open Education at universities: Issues to resolve
Rob Phillips, Kate Makowiecka and Jenni Parker
Online Communities: An Ecology for Knowledge Collaboration
Julie Blakey, Malcolm Wolski and Joanna Richardson
Are university course finders like e-commerce sites? If so, why don't they work like Amazon?
David Hawking, Funnelback
Cloud, Hybrid, or Local?
Nick Gilbert
12:25-13:30 Lunch 1225-1250: Enabling Mobile Learning
Sam Singh, AirWatch
13:30-14:55 Benchmarks and Data
Chair: Mark Kosten
Open Education
Chair: Mal Booth
Research Support and ICT services
Chair: Heath Marks
Open Content and Learning Technologies
Chair: Philip Gregory Kent
Solutions The Lounge
  Grand Ballroom 1 Grand Ballroom 2
Grand Ballroom 3 Federation Concert Hall Chancellor Room 4 Mezzanine Level
13:30-13:55 Assessing eLearning against the ACODE Benchmarks
Rob Field and Grant Harris

Enhancing Academic Achievement in online open education
Cathy Stone, Cindy Hewitt and Eleonora Morelli

Full Paper

The future of eResearch user support
Dean Nottingham
Change Management: Using Open content and virtual labs for 21st century education
Rory McGreal, Cindy Ives, Brian Stewart, Dietmar Kennepohl, Jon Dron and Evelyn Ellerman
Integrating learning activities across simultaneous online and face-to-face environments
Perry Samson, Echo 360
Electronic Records and Document Management
Tracy Huntleigh-Smith
14:00-14:25 Building the research data ecosystem
Natasha Simons and Jo Morris
Messages from the O.E.P. coal face: Librarians and Copyright Officers discuss open education practices: Lightning round
Luke Padgett, Berenice Scott and Felix Wilson
How Researchers Embrace eResearch:  A Case Study of CloudStor
Alex Reid and Guido Aben
Aggregate-then-Curate: How formal, non-formal and informal learning combine to sustain the quality of online content
Andrew Whitworth and Fred Garnett
Presentation Here.
Maximising Return on Teaching Space and Technology Investment
Graham Barrett, AMX
Keynote Ted Dodds
14:30-14:55 Storytelling for technology leaders: Beyond the numbers 
Patricia McMillan

Personalisation and Service:  Finally, how to get the vice out of (ICT) service
Gerard Austin

Full Paper


Data Infused Teaching and Learning
Karen Visser
The smart university - transformational concepts for educational institutions
Graham Hunt, NEC Australia
Assessment for learning
Lindy Klein and Cherry Stewart
14:55-15:15 Coffee break  
15:15-16:45 Afternoon plenary
Federation Concert Hall
Session Chair: Kevin Ashford-Rowe, ACODE Executive Committee
15:15-15:20    Welcome and announcements  
15:20-15:30   Address from the ACODE Executive: Kevin Ashford-Rowe, Director Teaching and Learning Centre, Australian Catholic University
15:30-16:00    Featured speaker: Paul Wappett, CEO, Open Universities Australia
   How has technology influenced the education sector?
16:00-16:45    Keynote: Alec Couros, Professor of educational technology and media, University of Regina
   Designing for open/networked learning
18:30-22:00 Conference dinner: Princes Wharf  

Wednesday 10 April 2013: Conference Day 3

7:30-15:30 Registration open Mezzanine Level
7:45-8:00 Arrival tea and coffee Federation Ballroom
8:00-9:35 Morning plenary
Federation Concert Hall
Session Chair: Cathrine Harboe-Ree, CAUL President
8:00-8:05    Welcome and announcements  
8:05-8:35    Featured speaker: Gillian Hallam, A/Prof Information Systems, QUT
   On the edge of invisibility: Can academic libraries design a new wardrobe for the emperor?
8:35-9:20    Keynote: Lorcan Dempsey, Research Division, OCLC
   Reconfiguring libraries for a network environment: rightscaling, engaging, learning
9:20-9:35    Address from the President of CAUL: Cathrine Harboe-Ree, University Librarian, Monash University  
9:35-10:05 Morning tea  
10:05-11:30 Analytics and Benchmarking
Chair: Gerry Kregor
Virtual Learning Spaces
Chair: Bronwyn Davies
Online assessment
Chair: Helen Livingston
Chair: Karmen Pemberton
Solutions The Lounge
  Grand Ballroom 1 Grand Ballroom 2 Grand Ballroom 3 Federation Concert Hall Chancellor Room 4 Mezzanine Level
10:05-10:30 A quantitative analysis of an LMS usage by staff
Claire Sinsua and Kevin Ashford-Rowe
Absorbing a Learning Management System into a General Collaborative Environment
Scott Diener
Effective use of mobile devices for marking student work
Eva Heinrich
From Search to Discovery: A New Approach to Information Retrieval at UTS Library
Mal Booth, Belinda Tiffen and Josh Vawdrey
Innovation Labs on the Cloud
Joseph Ziegler, Amazon Web Services
Keynote Alec Couros
10:35-11:00 Learning Management Systems and Learning Analytics - a matter of perspective
Mark Drechsler
A Personal Learning Space – diversity of use in the tertiary setting: Lightning round
Alison Poot, Shane Sutherland, Roger Funk, Lisa Curran, Gareth Denyer and Nicola Parkin
Immersive Assessment—Can online assessment be made personal? A flipped session
Cherry Stewart
Just give them what they want.  How user experience (UX) can transform library websites to reveal the library resources and services that users value most
John Wynn-Williams 
Cloud Trends in 2013
Michael Chanter, Frontline Systems Australia
11:05-11:30 UNISA – Going the journey with learning analytics
Richard Lamb and Jarrod Sharp
  We stand today on the edge of a new frontier: eTextbooks and their implications for Australian universities
Gillian Hallam
The Emperor's New Clothes - uncovering the realities of cloud
Rodd Jefferson, HP
Keynote Lorcan Dempsey
11:30-12:20 Lunch  
12:20-13:45 Mobility and Cloud Services
Chair: Michelle Beveridge
Learning Technologies Case Studies
Chair: Melanie Pittard
Online Learning
Chair: Deborah Jones
Beyond the Library
Chair: Linda Palmer
Solutions The Lounge
  Grand Ballroom 1 Grand Ballroom 2 Grand Ballroom 3 Federation Concert Hall Chancellor Room 4 Mezzanine Level 
12:20-12:45 App or website? Choosing your mobile path
Justin Cawthorne
Ten years with technology: transformative practice or incremental change?
Claire Englund and Martin Burman
How to engage your students with Online Learning
Rebecca Foweraker


Heresy or Innovation?: Transforming culture and service for impact
Lisa McIntosh, Lesley Ngatai and Rebecca Daly

Full Paper

Adopting a people-centric approach to IT management
Tony Polykandritis, Appsense
Featured Gillian Hallam
12:50-13:15 Freedom at the cloud’s edge
Mark Vulling
Using an ePortoflio as an electronic laboratory notebook in undergraduate practical classes
Gareth Denyer, Jill Johnston, Dale Hancock, Vanessa Gysbers, Ruth Weeks and Sashi Kant
Is there a template for online learning? A point counterpoint debate
Lindy Klein and Cherry Stewart
LibGuides – Beyond the library to the faculties: A lightning round
Pam Abalo, Lou Connell, Lisa Curran, Ishbel Leggat and Roger Funk
Lifecycle Services: The Agile IT Department
Michael Pratt, Dell

Can all University Administrative Systems be shared via the Cloud
Jenny Leonard
Full Paper

Demystifying Mobile Learning: Strategies to promote 21st century learning and technology in a pre-university foundation program in the United Arab Emirates by using the iPad as a language-learning device
Kirk Dowswell
Social, Mobile, Cloud - transforming university experience
Derek Laney,
Presentation Here.
13:45-14:00 Coffee break  
14:00-15:20 Closing plenary
Federation Concert Hall
Session Chair: Jeff Murray, CIO, University of Tasmania
14:00-14:05    Welcome  
14:05-14:50    Keynote: Prof Paddy Nixon, DVC (Research), University of Tasmania
The Sensor Web - Bringing the World into the Classroom
14:50-15:00    Prizes announced  
15:00-15:20    Closing Matters and Conference Close  

Presenters are bolded.