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2019 USA Study Tour

Things are beginning to take shape for the 2019 US Study Tour.

Commencing in the afternoon of the 17 October in Chicago, Illinois, directly after the EDUCAUSE conference, we are planning to visit a number of Chicago-based universities before moving across to San Francisco, California, and finally heading north to conclude in Seattle, Washington. The tour will conclude on 25 October with a visit to Microsoft HQ. Other vendors we will be visiting include Salesforce, Amazon Web Services and ServiceNow.

We have approached several universities in the Chicago, San Francisco and Seattle areas with an invitation to host an international CIO contingent. A number of these have responded positively indicating they would be more than happy to host the contingent.

An outline of the DRAFT ITINERARY as at the 6 SEPTEMBER 2019 is below. This draft is very fluid at this stage and subject to change as visits are confirmed, so please check back regularly for the latest updates.

Thu 17-Oct morning EDUCAUSE 2019
(concludes 11:45am)
Thu 17-Oct afternoon Northwestern University
Fri 18-Oct morning University of Illinois at Chicago
Fri 18-Oct afternoon Loyola University Chicago
Sat 19-Oct   Travel Chicago to San Francisco
Free time over weekend
Sun 20-Oct   Travel Chicago to San Francisco
Free time over weekend
Sun 20-Oct evening Salesforce dinner (TBC)
Mon 21-Oct morning   Salesforce
Mon 21-Oct 2:00pm - 4:30pm University of California,
Mon 21-Oct evening

ServiceNow dinner (TBC)

Tue 22-Oct morning Stanford University
Tue 22-Oct afternoon ServiceNow
Visit time to be confirmed 
Tue 22-Oct evening Travel to Seattle
Wed 23-Oct 10:30am - 2:30pm University of Washington
Lunch provided
Wed 23-Oct evening   Amazon Web Services
Dinner (TBC)
Thu 24-Oct All day   Amazon Web Services
Thu 24-Oct evening   Microsoft
Dinner (TBC)
Fri 25-Oct All day   Microsoft HQ
Sat 26-Oct   End tour and fly home from Seattle, WA

The map below highlights the locations across the United State of the universities and vendors we are hoping to visit.

McCormick Place - the EDUCAUSE 2019 conference venue is represented by the maroon pin in the Chicago region. Zoom down into each location to separate and click on each pin for information on the organisation it represents.


Enquiries: contact Steven Turner at