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CAUDIT Analytics is charged with achieving one of the six CAUDIT strategic pillars:  evidence-based practice.

In their organisations members are variously leaders, innovators, key decision makers and advisers on complex issues. Their demanding roles ever increasingly require them to be better informed. Analytics is a key service in addressing these needs.

Providing critical insights into information compiled and maintained by CAUDIT, sourced from or combined with industry and education sector datasets for the benefit of members is a key role for CAUDIT Analytics. The reporting of analyses and their effective dissemination in comprehensible and actionable formats to members is a primary obligation.

To deliver these information needs CAUDIT Analytics provides members with a surveying service to request information on areas of interest from other members. Annually CAUDIT surveys its members and their institution, and together with selected external data, CAUDIT Analytics produces a vital benchmarking report and associated information service.