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Benchmarking Reports

Annual Benchmarking Reports

CAUDIT distributes an Annual Benchmarking Report to participating members each year at the Spring Members Meeting.

Annual Benchmarking Reports are restricted to CAUDIT members only.  Members can access a copy of the latest report by clicking on the below links. 

Member representatives requiring specific benchmarking data, can contact Steven Wojnarowski

Acceptable Use
A Use of Copyright Policy governs the use of CAUDIT benchmarking data, including the data found in the Annual Benchmarking Report. The information may be used only for planning purposes within the CAUDIT member institution and may not be distributed to anyone outside the member institution. The CAUDIT Benchmarking Appropriate Use Policy

Benchmarking Snapshot Infographic

View and download the 2020 Snapshot infographic.

2021 Benchmarking Report  (using 2020 data)

2020 Benchmarking Report  (using 2019 data)

Updated Version 1.1 20200910 with corrected link to Appropriate Use Policy

2019 Benchmarking Report  (using 2018 data)

2018 Benchmarking Report v1.1 (using 2017 data)

2017 Benchmarking Report (using 2016 data)
2016 Benchmarking Report (using 2015 data)
2015 Benchmarking Report (using 2014 data)
2014 Benchmarking Report (using 2013 data)
2013 Benchmarking Report (using 2012 data)
2012 Benchmarking Report (using 2011 data)
2011 Benchmarking Report (using 2010 data)
2010 Benchmarking Report (using 2009 data)
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