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Career Development Kit

CAUDIT has developed a Career Development Kit with an ICT in higher education focus to assist members with:

(a)    succession and talent management
(b)    workforce planning
(c)    career planning (for the individual IT staff member).

The succession planning material provides workshop and action planning material to assist in attracting, retaining and developing IT talent.

The workforce planning material comprises a “practical” behavioural and technical competency framework together with workshop, strategy and action guides and templates to assist your  IT Executive Team to better understand and address today’s and tomorrow’s workforce needs.

The third and more detailed component in the kit is Career Panning targeted at individual IT staff to assist them “to better manage their own career “through an improved understanding of IT career paths within your University and the wider University sector”.

CAUDIT engaged an Organisational Development Specialist with extensive commercial and higher education experience to lead this project with a small working group meeting weekly and a larger validation group drawn from across the CAUDIT membership and chaired by the CAUDIT Manager, Strategic Initiatives.

The project was undertaken in two stages. Stage 1 involved interviews with nine CIOs/IT Directors from a range of universities to assess their views on “What the University sector IT world would look like in 3-5 years” and “What the staff profile would need to be in this timeframe”.

Stage 2 involved the development of the material in this kit informed by work at the University of Sydney and QUT and utilising the substantial body of career planning material available to Griffith IT staff via their Intranet.

The validation team was extremely enthusiastic when it reviewed the final material with comments such as  “I am already using this material in my department” and “If only this had been available sooner”.

CAUDIT is keen to ensure that as many members as possible utilise this material and  will run workshops as required to assist your department and HR staff to maximise the potential of the kit. The material can also be modified to fit your IT environment.

Download a copy of the Career Development Kit