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Why professional development is even more important today

The value of professional development programs such as those delivered by CAUDIT are numerous and the cross institutional networks that result are pivotal in times of sector disruption.

The new ‘business as usual’ for the higher education sector looks a whole lot different than anything we imaged three months ago.  Staff are transitioning to home-based work environments (some are fortunate to have an office/study area, others share their dining table with home schooled kids(!)), and every day is clouded by uncertainty. Read more

Are you looking to up-skill you or your staff?

Are you looking for employment opportunities?

CAUDIT is committed to ensuring the quality and calibre of training opportunities available for those who work within IT within higher education is of a consistently relevant and high standard.  CAUDIT has a commitment to the staff of its member institutions to provide or facilitate high quality professional development opportunities that increases their skills and their ability to realise the the goals of their employers.

CAUDIT has developed a pathway for continuing professional development opportunities in addition to the creation of a Career Development kit which can be utilised by CAUDIT members to identify and develop in-house training solutions.

A career in IT is exceptionally rewarding.  A career in IT within higher education is even better!  Universities across Australia annually employ in excess of 100,00 staff and teach more than 1,000,000 students so you are guaranteed to have access to the latest technologies and innovation every day.  With defined career pathways, new projects and other opportunities with great employee benefits, you wont regret joining the team.

CAUDIT promotes current job vacancies on behalf of its members and potential applicants are encouraged to visit Current Vacancies pages regularly.  Please note that any inquiries that you have should be directed to the institution who is currently recruiting.  Happy job hunting!

How do you know which training course is the right one for you or your staff?

CAUDIT Managers Program

Who should attend?  New/existing middle managers and/or team leaders in information technology and information resources.

This program runs over the course of 7 months and includes several workshop modules, one on one coaching sessions, assignments, university visits and networking opportunity.  The program is specifically capped at 20 participants to ensure that maximum personalised interaction between participants and session facilitators is guaranteed.

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CAUDIT Leadership Institute

Who should attend?  Experienced information technology, information resources and eResearch professionals from Australian and New Zealand universities, including aspiring CIOs.

The CAUDIT Leadership Institute is a dynamic, immersive program  run over the course of one week and designed to enhance the leadership skills of Australian and New Zealand information technology and information resources managers in higher education.

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What is the difference between the CAUDIT Managers Program and the CAUDIT Leadership Institute?

Both the new CAUDIT Managers Program and the CAUDIT Leadership Institute promote and develop leadership qualities, however, there are some important differences that we have outlined in the table below:          


CAUDIT Managers Program

CAUDIT Leadership Institute

Aimed at

New and middle managers and team leaders.

Those who aspire to senior leadership positions, and who have had several years of management experience.


7 months, structured as 3 face-to-face workshops with assignments and one-on-one coaching between modules.

1-week intensive program.

Facilitated by

Outside training facilitators.

Senior IT and Information Resources Leaders from the CAUDIT, CAUL, and EDUCAUSE communities

Maximum number of participants