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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

CAUDIT is the Council of Australasian University Directors of Information Technology, a peak body which represents the interests of all Universities in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Papua New Guinea.  It works closely with its membership to promote the intelligent use of Information Technology in support of universities.

More detailed information on CAUDIT can be found here.

CAUDIT comprises of the following broad groups:

  • Australian Universities
  • New Zealand Universities
  • Universities in Papua New Guinea, Fiji and the South Pacific Islands
  • Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
  • Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS)

 There are over fifty members of varying sizes, but all related to the Higher Education or Research Sector.

A full list of members can be found here.

CAUDIT respects the privacy of its members.  We do not provide general contact lists to vendors for the purposes of cold-calling members.

Under certain circumstances (for example in association with a sponsored event or webinar) we may provide contact information.  This is always done with the informed consent of participants.

Permission to use the CAUDIT Logo may be granted by the CEO under certain circumstances.

The CAUDIT website contains additional and up-to-date information:  A monthly newsletter is published with the latest information about CAUDIT.  To subscribe use the following link:!--%3Cenl:list%20field=id%3E/--%3E.

IT staff from CAUDIT member institutions are able to access locked/member only resources.  CAUDIT members are Australian and New Zealand universities and some pathway and research organisations.  You can check if your institution is a member here:

Accessing the resources is simple:

  • From any page, hover your mouse over the Login button at the top of your screen and select either AAF (Australian institutions) or Tuakiri (NZ institutions):

  • Follow the prompts and enter your institution username and password.
  • Once validated you will be able to open all member only content from all pages including 'hidden content' on procurement pages, presentations and survey reports etc.
  • You only need to login once in your browser session.

If your institutions isn't included within the options please contact either AAF or Tuakiri using the links above to clarify your subscription status.

Yes you can if you are a member of CAUDIT (CAUDIT Members are universities of Australia and New Zealand, the South Pacific and Papua New Guinea as well as CSIRO, AIMS and DSTO.  If you are a member and would like to post a job advert, send an email to with a link to the position details and we will load it up until its closing date.

The AAF is the Australian Access Federation and Tuakiri is the New Zealand Access Federation.  Access to many authentication CAUDIT services rely on the AAF or Tuakiri.

Benchmarking - Stats - Surveys

The CAUDIT Benchmarking System is an online system which captures both benchmarking and profile data for member universities.  Further information and resources can be found on the CAUDIT Benchmarking System Resources page.

To access the system you much use your institutional credentials.  If you are accessing the system for the first time you will need to request access and CAUDIT will process your request.  Please note that if you're not known to CAUDIT staff and we are unable to readily verify that you work in IT within a university, we will refer the request to the IT Director/CIO at your institution for authorisation.

There are a number of ways in which members and IT Professional can find out what their peers are doing.

The CAUDIT Benchmarking System has a profile section which details all of the major systems etc that each university is using.  This information can assist members and IT Professionals to locate others who are using the same technology to ask a more targetted question.

Search through the previous surveys and see if someone else hasn't previously sought the same information you're looking for.

IT Professionals can through their IT Director/CIO conduct a survey of the CAUDIT memebrship.  CAUDIT can can assist with loading your questions onto Survey Monkey through the Events and Collaboration Support Officer.

IT Directors/CIOs can contact their peers and conduct an informal survey via the CAUDIT IT Director/CIO email list.  Emails can only be sent this list by current IT Directors/CIOs.

The Australian University sector employs over 110,000 staff and has a student population of over 830,000.  A summary of these statistics is available on the CAUDIT website:

The figures are actually compiled by the Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education (DIISRTE) with full figures available on the department website:

Using published data such as Full Time Equivalent (FTE) staff and Effective Full Time Student Load (EFTSL) is common in CAUDIT agreements.  These figures can be used to provide a reasonable basis for charges, with a per-FTE and/or per-EFTSL rate being used.

The CAUDIT membership has a total of 6,500 IT Professionals employed.

Procurement / Vendors

CAUDIT runs a number of conferences and meetings each year; specifically two members meetings (Spring and Autumn) a biennial conference (THETA) and various study tours, webinars and events.

For information about THETA please visit

Any complaints with regards to policy, process or probity should be directed to the Chair of the Strategic Procurement Governance Committee, or in their absence the President of CAUDIT.  All complaints need to be made in writing, clearly articulating the complaint, the desired outcome and the impact upon a vendor or member.

It is recommended that vendors contact the Director Strategic Procurement in the first instance as this is a role dedicated to working with vendors on behalf of the membership.

Contact with the CEO, President or Chair of the Strategic Procurement Advisory Committee should be reserved for unusual circumstances.

If you believe that you are not being afforded the appropriate priority, please e-mail the Chair of the Strategic Procurement Advisory Committee.  If your concerns related to policy, process or probity, please refer to the complaints section below.

The simplest method of engaging with CAUDIT and its members is via an offer/acceptance process.  It is no more complicated than it sounds – a vendor makes an offer, and CAUDIT accepts the offer and makes it available to its members.

The level of documentation required for this process is quite rudimentary; sufficient information needs to be provided so that:

  • The offer may be understood, without any ambiguity;
  • A simple pricing method is provided;
  • The terms and conditions are clearly stated; and
  • Contact details are provided to members.

Please refer to the CAUDIT Procurement Guidelines for additional information.

All offers made to CAUDIT Members are completely voluntary; CAUDIT is not able require members to take any particular action.  Each University will independently assess offers made to the sector.

The CAUDIT Procurement Governance Structure provides a framework for establishing priorities based upon the current Strategic Plan, Top 10 Issues and the CAUDIT Annual Procurement Survey.

Guidance is provided to the Director Strategic Procurement via the Strategic Procurement Advisory Committee; process, policy and probity are balanced by the Strategic Procurement Governance Committee.

Figure: Broad outline of Procurement Governance Structure

The model is driven by member demand; taking into consideration the volume purchased across the sector, and the strategic importance of products that are provided.

Please contact Steve Johnston, Director Strategic Procurement via e-mail in the first instance (  New vendor enquiries are prioritised; it may be a number of days before a response is received.

CAUDIT members spend approximately AU$1.8B per year on Information Technology each year.

More information on this spend is available to members only through the CAUDIT Benchmarking System.

Professional Development

The CAUDIT Leadership Institute is an immersive 5 day program that runs in August each year.  IT Professionals from across the CAUDIT membership can apply to attend when registrations open, typically in April of each year.  There are very limited places and nominations must be endorsed by your IT Director/CIO.  CAUDIT also makes a limited number of places available to professionals from the Librarian and Teaching and Learning Communities.

More information about the Institute can be found here.

Member Meetings & Events

Need help joining a meeting?

CAUDIT hosts a number of webinars and meetings using Webex software.  It is recommended that you verify/download the Webex software prior to the meeting (it should only take a few minutes).  To do this, Join a test meeting to confirm that you're able to successfully join a meeting.

If you are having trouble joining a meeting by entering the meeting number, try the following:

Make sure that the meeting number you have entered is correct.

  • You can find the meeting number in your e-mail invitation/calendar invite.
  • The meeting number can be an 8- or 9- digit number.
  • Please contact your meeting host to confirm the meeting number.

Join the meeting from the e-mail invitation

  • Click the link in the e-mail to join the meeting.This will launch the meeting information page;click the "join" button.
  • If you see the message "When it's time, join your meeting here,"the meeting has not started.
  • Make sure that you are not joining too early and pay special attention to the time-zone differences.

For further assistance:

Enjoy your webinar!

You can find information on CAUDITs meetings and events here.

To find the presentations and material from a meeting or event in the first instance follow the link to Member Meeting Presentations & Streams.

If you cannot find it there, go to the Publications & Resources page of the CAUDIT website and search using key words.

For all CAUDIT events, including members meetings, please contact the Events and Collaboration Support Officer.

Semir Cerkic
+61 2 8079 2533