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History - Chapter 2 The early years of the organisation

The inaugural meeting of AUCDC (Australian Universities Computing Directors Committee, as it was initially known) was organised at Sydney University by Bob Donnelly and Nick Capon on 14/15 October 1976. It included a memorable dinner organised by Bob Donnelly at the Paternoster Club, said to be "a short stroll" from the University, an opinion Alan Coulter has long disputed.

AUCDC most likely met annually from then on though to date records from some years are still missing. See Appendix 1.

AUCDC eventually morphed into CAUDIT, initially as the Committee of Australian University Directors of Information Technology following the meeting of AUCDC at Akaroa in September 1992.

The first AGM as CAUDIT was in Hobart on 8 July 1993, in conjunction with the inaugural CAUSE Australia Conference.

The name was changed from "Committee" to "Council" at the 1998 Annual Meeting.

At most of the early meetings, up to at least Akaroa in 1992, "Site Reports" were a major aspect of the agenda. Some were concise and some very long-winded - as former members will no doubt recall.

No subscriptions were levied before the Akaroa meeting in 1992. All work was done on a volunteer basis by the members, largely, though not exclusively by members of the Executive Committee, and those who could be "persuaded" to volunteer their time for projects, This was, at least in part, the reason why one university refused to pay its annual subscription, only eventually agreeing when the first, albeit part-time, Executive Officer was appointed.

The initial Executive Committee (almost always referred to simply as "the Executive") consisted of a Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and, when one was available, the Immediate Past Chair.