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History - Chapter 3 Recent years

The composition of the Executive Committee changed slightly when an Executive Officer was appointed in 1996 at the Annual Meeting, held on Magnetic Island. The position of Secretary was abolished and became that of "Member"; while the position of Treasurer remained for prudential reasons. The Executive Officer took over all the duties of Secretary and most of the routine tasks of the Treasurer. The Executive Officer, somewhat strangely, though for very practical reasons, reported through the Treasurer, and submitted monthly "time sheets" to the Treasurer.

As CAUDIT was then an unincorporated association, it was agreed that the Executive Officer be appointed to the staff of an appropriate university, with CAUDIT reimbursing the university for all costs incurred. As Ian Hunter, the initial Executive Officer, was located in Toowoomba, Alan McMeekin, then IT Director at the University of Southern Queensland, agreed to seek the approval of the university for Ian to be "employed" there, an arrangement which continued till Ian retired in 2008. Subsequent members of CAUDIT staff have been employed through other universities, including The University of Adelaide, the University of New South Wales at ADFA, and The University of Queensland.

CAUDIT became an incorporated Not For Profit association on 16 June 2010 and subsequently began to employ staff.

The Executive meets six times per year, every two months, alternating between face-to-face and by videoconference.

The membership as a whole now meets in general meeting twice per year. Initially there was only one general meeting a year. This changed to two from 1997, having been quite firmly rejected at previous AGMs (see, for example, Minutes of the 2004 AGM), when it was considered that there was more than sufficient business to warrant the additional meeting. These meetings are known as Members Meetings, which, up until 2017, incorporated (alternately) the Annual General Meeting, and the General Meeting.  From 2017, the AGM and GM have been held separately to the Members Meetings via video. Some find these titles slightly confusing. For many years, only Member Representatives (including Associates, Affiliates and overseas Associates) plus invited guests (typically speakers, but including, for example, representatives of AARNet) attended the Members Meetings. However, following a trial at the 2004 General Meeting, held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Coogee Beach, a second delegate (nominated by the member) from each member institution has been invited to attend the Autumn Members Meeting. The Spring Members Meeting normally remained restricted to members and a small number of invited guests up until 2017 when it, too, was expanded to include a second member delegate.

Attendance at Members Meetings normally includes virtually every member institution, a total of some 50 delegates being normal at Annual General Meetings, and 80 or so at the Member Meetings.

The agenda for these meetings usually comprises presentations by external guests (sometimes, though in a limited way, vendors). Over the years, AARNet has been a frequent participant along with Gartner speakers, with Mike Zastrocky being a favourite. For some years it was common to have a speaker from the Australian Vice-Chancellors Committee (AVCC). This practice, reduced in frequency for some years in the early 2000s, has been resumed in more recent years, with the change of the AVCC to Universities Australia (UA).

Joint meetings have been held with CAUL and ACODE. Some of these were considered highly successful, others less so. In recent years they have been replaced by bi-annual meetings of the three Executives, hosted by each in turn or meetings at the bi-ennial THETA conference.