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History - Chapter 4 Financial Matters

Until 1993 CAUDIT was an entirely unfunded organisation, relying on volunteer efforts to achieve whatever it was able to. Members of the Executive, or, more likely their universities, bore the costs associated with attending meetings of the Executive. The only costs to members levied by the organisation were registration fees to cover the overhead costs of meetings. However, at the 1992 Annual Meeting at Akaroa, it was agreed to amend the Constitution to allow membership fees to be charged. The first subscriptions were levied for the second half of 1993, as a result of a decision at the 1993 Annual Meeting held at Wrest Point, Hobart. See appendix 3 for details of annual subscriptions from 1993 onwards.

Annual budgets were prepared for all years from 1994. Copies of the 1994 and 1995 budgets have not (yet) been located, although it is known (Minutes of the 1993 AGM) that the 1994 budget included an annual subscription as detailed in Appendix 3 and that provision was made for expenditure on Projects, to be detailed as the need arose.

Financial Statements from 1996 are available and show an increase in income and expenditure in following years. Appendix 5 has some details.

It should be noted that a considerable proportion of income and expenditure is caused by agreements with third parties, where CAUDIT acts, effectively, as an agent, collecting fees or subscriptions and transmitting these in bulk. An example of this is the agreement with AusCERT for CAUDIT to undertake the annual invoicing for AusCERT membership fees for Australian universities in return for a 50% reduction in the fee.