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History - Chapter 5 Reports & Submissions by CAUDIT

It has long been a practice to commission reports on a variety of relevant topics from appropriate experts.
Among those which were commissioned the following stand out:

  • Document Exchange using Electronic Mail, Onno Benschop, Curtin University, 1995
  • Survey of IT position classifications, JF Enterprises, Consultants, 1996
  • CAUDIT Code of Practice Relating to Content That May Infringe Censorship Laws Roger Clarke, Xamax Consultants, 1997
  • Smart Card Evaluation Report, P J Helm & R Galloway The University of Sydney, 1997
  • University Electronic Payment Systems, Graham Wrightson, University of Newcastle, 1999 (Joint project with the University of Newcastle)
  • Report on Common Problems in Provision of Single Signon, John Noad, Consultant. 1999
  • Information Technology Literacy Project, John Winship, Consultant, 2000
  • Report on Australian University Acceptable Use Policies for Network Facilities and Services, Geoff Sandy, Victoria University, 2001
  • The First Step Forward, IT Literacy Policy Project, John Winship, Consultant. 2001
  • Common IT Position Descriptions, Del Cseti & Associates, 2001
  • Management of Access to Networked Information Resources (User Authentication Project) Prototype Development. Keith Burston and Keith Hort, University of New South Wales, 2002 (Joint project with CAUL)
  • Conditions of Use Project. Report - Requirements for CAUDIT Negotiated University Software Licences, John Noad, Consultant, 2003
  • Web Site Review, Shaun Nicholson, Massey University, 2003
  • Brief for Web Site Redevelopment, Shaun Nicholson, Massey University, 2004
  • PKI Project, The University of Queensland, Funded by Federal Government Grants, 2005
  • CAUDIT Induction for new members, Richard Tan, Consultant. 2006. Report was CAUDIT Induction Guide now updated regularly by CAUDIT staff and issued to new Member Representatives. The format of this was substantially revised in 2015 and is now updated for each new Member Representative..
  • Assistive Technologies Solutions, Malcolm Wolski, Griffith University and staff at Monash University, 2006
  • Electronic Waste Research Finding, Malcolm Wolski, Griffith University, 2006