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History - Chapter 6 Training for IT Professionals

A training event for CAUDIT Members was held at Calypso Plaza, Coolangatta in May 2000 over three days (Friday to Sunday). The objective of the workshop was personal development. The event was facilitated by Brian Cook of The Pacific Institute. It was attended by 11 Directors and was rated a very successful event by the participants who were keen to see it, or something similar, repeated.

An attempt to run a similar event in subsequent years failed to raise sufficient delegates to warrant running, and the CAUDIT Executive dropped the idea for some time. Eventually, as the matter was discussed numerous times in General and Executive Meetings, the Executive agreed that it would probably continue to be difficult for Directors to commit to the necessary three or more days for such and event and to replace the concept by shorter professional development training as part of the normal biannual General Meetings. This proved quite successful, though the idea of separate events continued to be raised from time to time.

Training for staff has been quite successful, with the CAUDIT Leadership Institute (see elsewhere), the now annual CAUDIT-AusCERT Security Workshops, which have been run more or less annually since 2000, and the Enterprise Architecture Seminars being good examples.  A new program - the CAUDIT Managers Program - was successfully introduced in 2013. Whereas the Leadership Institute is conducted by a faculty of current and ex CIOs, the Managers Program is externally facilitated and conducted over a six to eight month period each year.

CAUDIT commenced development and to offer a range of short courses (prioritised by Member Representatives) in 2020.  These were immediately popular and successful.

A number of the CAUDIT Communities of Practice now run successful annual conferences for their members.