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History - Chapter 7 Major Projects

Since quite early days, CAUDIT, and its predecessor AUCDC, has commissioned projects on topics of interest and importance to its members.

Almost all projects commissioned by CAUDIT were completed within time and budget and produced outcomes which were of very considerable benefit to the sector. Without the assistance of many people who provided advice, assistance and support, few of these projects would have been so successful.

In 2018 Member Representatives were asked to discuss the question:  "What could CAUDIT (the collective) do to assist them be ready for the 2020 decade.  In response, at the 2018 Spring Members Meeting, they identified over 550 activities that could potentially assist.  This extensive list was initially distilled down to 11 potential initiatives.  The Executive Committee reduced this down to the top four and Member Representatives were then asked to vote on the four.  The outcome was the identification of two areas that Member Representatives felt would provide the most assistance:  1) Cybersecurity and 2) professional development.

Following a call out to the membership, a Business Development Manager was seconded from The University of Sydney to work on developing the business cases for each initiative.  And thus was born the CAUDIT Cybersecurity Initiative and the expanded Professional Development Initiative.  Both kicked off in earnest early in 2020.  The Cybersecurity Initiative in the form of the Australasian Higher Education Cybersecurity Service (AHECS) and the Professional Development Initiative via the new short course program (addressing nine capability dimensions).