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Celebrating another successful Enterprise Architecture in Higher Education Symposium

More than seventy members of CAUDIT’s highly-engaged Enterprise Architecture Community of Practice joined together in early November for the sixteenth-annual CAUDIT Enterprise Architecture in Higher Education Symposium.
Our friends and colleagues from Spain, Canada, and the United States were also welcomed and participated wholeheartedly in their late evenings and very early mornings.

Participants from diverse backgrounds and thirty-seven different institutions joined for three afternoons of highly valuable formal programming, designed to foster interaction and sharing throughout the community. Architects beginning their careers and their longer-toothed counterparts shared experiences and asked questions of one another in authentic, connected, and rich encounters. In now-established tradition, a fourth-day “unconference” event was also facilitated to deeply explore a vast array of mutually interesting topics.

Highlights of the formal programme included an examination of broadening architecture literacy across the organisation (Mark Williams and Michael Liaskos, Victoria University), a reflection on outcomes from a full year of enterprise architecture work (Marthin Du Plooy and Richard Berry, The University of Newcastle), valuable insights into preconditions and context for business architecture success (Sandra Wheeler, The University of Otago), positioning enterprise architecture to enable organisational transformation (Josh Burne and Shayne Simpson, University of the Sunshine Coast), and shaping an institution’s Information & Technology Operating Model with the Higher Education Reference Models (Jolyon Suthers, Griffith University).

Gartner also kindly made Marcus Blosch (VP of Research, Enterprise Architecture) available to lead an excellent session on “Architecting the Distributed Organisation”, which navigated the tensions between traditional and emergent enterprise architecture, contemporary design and delivery methodologies, new governance and operating models, new ways of working and extending beyond business-outcome-driven enterprise architecture.

The ea2021 Organising Committee warmly thanks Marthin Du Plooy and The University of Newcastle for convening this year and last year’s Symposia as online virtual events and looks forward to returning to an in-person event at The University of Newcastle for ea2022.

CAUDIT Members can view copies of presentations at the Symposium via the links below: 

Day 1 Session 3 - Architecting the Distributed Organization - Marcus Blosch

Day 1 Session 4 - Architectural Literacy at VU - Mark Williams and Michael Liaskos

Day 2 Session 2 - University of Newcastle  One Year Later - Marthin Du Plooy and Richard Berry

 Day 2 Session 4 - EA at Otago - Sandra Wheeler

Day 2 Session 5 - HERM Version 260 - Nigel Foxwell and jeff kennedy

Day 3 Session 2 - EA in a Digital World - jeff kennedy.pdf

Day 3 Session 3 - Transformation at USC - Josh Burne and Shayne Simpson

Day 3 Session 4 - EA at Griffith - Jolyon Suthers.pdf