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Enterprise Architecture Community

We have almost reached the end of what must be our toughest year yet in Higher Education. I’m sure all of the community has been tested in ways you never imagined this year, whether it be dealing with technology change at an unprecedented speed, navigating significant changes to our roles and teams, or just battling to stay sane in a locked-down world. I would like to think that everyone’s connection in this community has been some help in some way to deal with one or more of these challenges, I know it has been for me.

However it has not been all doom and gloom, and we have had some great successes this year. We had one of our largest online congregations this year, and we hope to build on this and see if we can shape our monthly get-togethers in new ways to make them more valuable for everyone. 

We reached version 2.5.0 of our CAUDIT Higher Education Reference Models, breaking the back of our data reference model challenges and paving the way for continual improvement and enhancement of the models. We are continuing to progress international engagement and sharing on the models, and there has been much behind the scenes activity to join up with our colleagues in the UK through ucisa in this area.

We held our first ever fully virtual EA Symposium, which was amazing. We had over 120 registrants, and averaged about half of this over the three main days. Knowing the statistics for other online events, I think that was a great number - thank you to everyone that was able to make the time in your day to join in! Thank you to all our speakers and facilitators, in the short time that we had, we had a great range of presentations and discussions - the material from which will be available to you all soon.

Who knows what 2021 will bring, I guess that is part of the fun being in the type of jobs we have. I do know that whatever happens, our community will be strong and ready and willing to help and share. Whilst so many of you contribute in so many ways, there are some people that on behalf of Karen and myself, I would like to thank for their amazing passion, support and contribution to the community this year.

Anne Kealley - CAUDIT CEO, for always being ready, willing, and able to help us with all our community needs and paving the way for our international partnerships.

jeff kennedy - University of Auckland, for leading the HERM working group, his tireless devotion to engaging with our international community colleagues, and generally “keeping the band together” for us all.

Marthin duPlooy and Richard Berry - University of Newcastle, for dealing with the challenge of what we would do with ea2020 - and taking on all the heavy lifting this year and still committing to hold it on campus next year!

Jeremy Crowley - Massey University - for stepping in to provide the continuity and support we needed when planning and organising ea2020.

Paul Tasker - QUT, Sasenka Abeysooriya - UQ, Alan Dent - AUT - for their hard work, thoughtful guidance and insights to continue to develop the HE Reference Models.

Thanks everyone and we will see you online soon!

Karen Modena and Nigel Foxwell