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Linius for Education

Join the CAUDIT Product Showcase - Linius for Education

Linius is a world first, globally patented technology that takes video-based learning to a whole new level, with video virtualisation.

Students and educators can search and select specific video segments sourced from disparate video files and repositories, synthesise and share those segments as virtualised video assemblies (personalised content videos), as a link, all on-the-fly and without the need to create, store or manage additional MP4 files, or time-consuming video editing, rendering and uploading.

For the first time, students and educators can effortlessly search, surface, weave together and share video segments instantaneously. This opens up entirely new ways of thinking about and engaging with video for learning, teaching and assessment, making video as malleable as text. Suddenly, video is unlocked and more valuable - as a research tool; as a reference or as a formative assessment tool.

Students and educators can take control of their learning journey and create ‘personalized learning environments’ in and outside of the classroom.

Join this CAUDIT hosted webinar

When: Thursday 24 February 2022, 1pm - 2pm AEDT
Where: Zoom webinar

This is free webinar

Presented by Linius Technologies


Speakers on the day will include:

Kerrie Campbell - Ex CIO Flinders University and The University of Adelaide
Mark Lamont - Education Sector Ambassador, Linius Technologies.

Linius contact details
Name: Damon Triffet, Head of Education Sales
Phone +61 478 819 378

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