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Spring Members Meeting 2021 "Building a Resilient Digital Culture"

As the global pandemic reaches the close of a second year of living and working in an enhanced digital environment, we continue to evolve our expectations of the digital event experience. Over 70 people registered to join CAUDIT executive, members and staff for a full day of keynotes, panel discussions and some (but not nearly enough) old-fashioned human networking on our interesting new virtual platform. Feedback tells us that we could have left guests to their own devices for much longer – as people really enjoyed moving from table to table and catching up with friends and colleagues. Just like a ‘real’ conference. We are continually learning from each event we hold.

Our post-event survey gave highest ranking to the very interactive keynote by Dr Amantha Imber ‘Finding Your Focus’. Amantha maintained a fast pace of ‘reverse Q&A’, making us think about our personal communications style, our workplace and learning preferences – and we took away practical lessons to apply immediately to help improve our productivity and happiness. We learnt that humans are not very effective multi-taskers and that we do need to find our focus, every day but particularly when we are living in a workspace which keeps us locked into back-to-back digital meetings leading to ‘zoom-fatigue.

The panel discussion on Cybersecurity (Everybody’s Business), ranked second in popularity and efficacy, even as it fell right at the end of a packed day, validating Cybersecurity, once again, as our member’s highest priority for 2021. We are so pleased that many members and friends could take time out of their busy Monday to participate. Next time, we sincerely hope that the 2022 Autumn Members Meeting will be face-to-face again, but if we are still on a virtual platform we will make sure we provide ample space and time for unstructured networking. We are listening and learning, in this strangely unexpected yet highly valuable ‘digital incubator’ which Covid19 has delivered to us - the technology leaders of our sector.