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P3M News

This page is dedicated to news and information relating to the Portfolio, Porgram and Project Management Community of Practce. 

07 Jun 2018

The CAUDIT P3M Community of Practice serves as a medium to facilitate and foster collaboration between Portfolio, Program and Project Managers from CAUDIT member organisations...

03 Apr 2018

Download the agenda for the 2018 Forum being held in Perth 17-18 September...

02 Feb 2018

Contact a Community Member or jump into the Yammer Network and start engaging straight away...

01 Dec 2017

The hosts of the 2018 forum have been announced!

01 Nov 2017

An incredible 2 days were had for the 40+ delegates from 16 institutions...

11 Aug 2017

Hosted by University of Wollongong from Monday 30 - Tuesday 31 October 2017, the forum will enable the community to discuss the latest ideas and impacts for Portfolio, Program and Project Management in the University sector...

28 Mar 2017

A representative of the P3M Community will present at the CAUDIT Autumn Members Meeting...

29 Jun 2016

Amongst the buzz of student activity, rhinos and  beautiful gumtrees, La Trobe University saw the smiling faces of 24 participants from universities across Australia and New Zealand attend the annual CAUDIT P3M (Portfolio, Program, Project Management) Community of Practice.

The CAUDIT P3M Community of Practice has been established for several years, with an aim to improve capabilities and practices in Project, Program and Portfolio management at each of the member universities, through the sharing of knowledge, experience, wisdom and in some cases best practice. 

12 Apr 2016

Karen was one of three CAUDIT Communities of Practice invited to introduce the Community to the 70+ gathering comprising CIO’s and senior staff from member institutions.

16 Mar 2016

The CAUDIT P3M Community of Practice is holding a Forum, which has been confirmed as June 1st, 2nd & 3rd at La Trobe University. 

The forum will provide the latest updates on Portfolio, Program and Project Management in the University sector.  P3M representative across the sector are encouraged to  register their interest by contacting: