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Past Presentations & Streams

Here you can find presentations from past CAUDIT Member Meetings.  IT Staff from member institutions can access the files using the links below and then entering your institution username and password when prompted. 

Event Name Agenda / Presentations Streamed Sessions
2021 Autumn Members Meeting. THEME: Beyond the pivot: The forces shaping the future of IT

2020 Spring Members Meeting. THEME: Contain, Sustain, Grow (Online) 

2020 Autumn Members Meeting, THEME: Automation and Innovation (Online)  

2019 Spring Members Meeting (Sydney, NSW)

2019 Autumn Members Meeting - THEME: What's on the other side of 'The tipping Point'? (Wollongong, NSW) 
2018 Autumn Members Meeting - THEME: Day 1 Designing the Twenties - How, What and When;  Day 2:  What's the point of collecting all this data? (Canberra, ACT)
2018 Spring Members Meeting - THEME: Supporting Student Success (Melbourne, VIC) 
2017 Spring Members Meeting - THEME: Day1  Business Transformation, Day 2 Information Security (Brisbane, QLD)
2017 Autumn Members Meeting - THEME: Inspiring - Connecting - Creating (Auckland, NZ) 
2016 Spring Members Meeting - THEME: Collaboration and Community (Melbourne, VIC)
2016 Autumn Members Meeting - THEME: The New Innovation Agenda (Sydney, NSW)
2015 Spring Members Meeting - THEME: Digital Capabilities in Education and Research (Adelaide, SA)
2015 Autumn Members Meeting (Gold Coast, QLD)
2014 Spring Members Meeting - THEME: Sustainability in Higher Education: challenges and opportunities (Auckland, NZ)
2014 Autumn Members Meeting (Melbourne, VIC)
2013 Spring Members Meeting - THEME: Leading Efficiency & Innovation (Brisbane, QLD)
2013 Autumn Members Meeting (Hobart, TAS)
2012 Spring Members Meeting and BYOD Symposium (Sydney, NSW)
2012 Autumn Members Meeting and Cloud Symposium (Brisbane, QLD)