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RDSI eResearch Briefings

CAUDIT has partnered with the Research Data Storage Infrastructure (RDSI) project to provide a series of vendor technology/solution briefings for the Australian eResearch community. These briefings are targeted at technical staff within eResearch organisations in Australia (see, and eResearch teams and ICT staff within Australian institutions.

The eResearch Technology and Solutions briefings were scheduled monthly during 2013.


Date                      Time /
No. of Attendees
Vendor Further Information
18 June 2013 47 Attendees

Actifio - Radically simple copy data management

Contact: Budd Ilic

Webinar Recording

Please contact Budd Ilic for further information

25 June 2013 57 Attendees

Contact: Neil Jackson

Webinar Recording

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AWS Volume Store

AWS Object Store

AWS Archive

Pricing Calculator

2 July 2013 No briefing
9 July 2013 35 Attendees

Contact: Matt Wood

No recording (sorry). Video of demos available on Aspera website

Presentation Slides

16 July 2013 6 Attendees

Contact: Garry Turner

Webinar Recording

Download Presentation

23 July 2013 25 Attendees

Contact: Nick Gorga

Webinar Recording

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Lowering Storage Costs Whitepaper

30 July 2013 23 Attendees

Rachana Ananthakrishnan

Webinar Recording

Presentation Slides

6 August 2013 21 Attendees

Quin Morris

Webinar Recording

13 August 2013 11 Attendees

April Neoh

Webinar Recording

Presentation Slides

20 August 2013 24 Attendees

Justin Glen

Please contact Justin Glen for further information
27 August 2013 6 Attendees

Jesse Locke

Webinar Recording
3 September 2013 No Briefing
10 September 2013 26 Attendees

Contact: Mathew Purcell

Webinar Recording
17 September 2013 17 Attendees

Stuart Kiernan

Webinar Recording

Presentation Slides

24 September No Briefing

1 October No Briefing
8 October, 2013 12 Attendees

Rick Ferguson

Martin Coleman (Presenter)

Session Description

Presentation Slides

Webinar Recording

29 October 2013 No Briefing
26 November 2013 18 Attendees

Greg Rogers

Presentation Slides

Webinar Recording

General Information

The structure of the briefings are that they will be:

  • Dedicated to a single vendor/provider (unless vendor/providers want to “team up”)
  • A maximum of 1 hour, notionally 40 minutes talking and 10-15 Q&A
  • Hosted by CAUDIT using their Webex service
  • Recorded; recordings to be available/accessible upon request
  • Advertised via CAUDIT and RDSI email lists, newsletters and websites
  • Moderated by an RDSI/CAUDIT staff member

For Attendees

Invitations to attend upcoming briefings are distributed to CAUDIT members, technical representatives at the RDSI Nodes, and anyone subscribed to the Google group RDSI-CAUDIT-eResearch-Briefings; visit this link to sign up to this group to receive these invitations directly. Feel free to forward invitations to anyone you think might be interested.

If you wish to put a placeholder in your calendar for future events, you can use this invite: Placeholder.ics

For Vendors/Providers

Briefing times are allocated on a first come, first serve basis to vendors and the current timetable is shown above.  If you are interested in contributing to this briefing program, please contact Steve Johnston (

Vendors will be expected to be:

  • On the RDSI Vendor Panel (, or committed to applying)
  • On the CAUDIT vendor panel (or committed to applying)
  • Expected to present material that is centred on the eResearch theme, succinct, relevant, more technical than sales, and highlight the specific offer(s) made through the VePa/CAUDIT vendor panel and their differentiating features/benefits
  • Nominated/suggested by RDSI, CAUDIT or a CAUDIT Member/RDSI node 

Of particular interest to RDSI is how such solutions could be deployed through the RDSI Nodes to build sustainable eResearch services for the sector.