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Strategic Plan

CAUDIT’s purpose is to support each other in leading the application of digital capabilities to transform education and research.

This purpose is enacted through three strategies:  Connect; Enable; and Challenge.  Six key activities deliver on these strategies.  These are:

Transforming Teaching, Learning and Research

Teaching, Learning and Research are the core business of all CAUDIT member universities. CAUDIT will provide strategic support to IT Directors/CIOs and IT Professionals across the sector so that they can take a proactive leadership role within their institutions towards the goal of intelligent and innovative use of Information Technology as an enabler of Teaching, Learning and Research.

Providing Thought Leadership

CAUDIT will take a leadership role in supporting IT Directors/CIOs and IT Professionals such that they are widely recognised as an important and forward looking source of high quality strategic advice on Information Technology in Higher Education both domestically and internationally.

Delivering Strategic Procurement & Shared Services

CAUDIT will work with IT Directors/CIOs and IT Professionals and vendors to develop strategic partnerships that deliver mutual value to members and vendors by leveraging the collective spending power of members and to identify opportunities to de-duplicate service delivery by facilitating shared services/facilities regionally, nationally or internationally for the direct benefit of members.

Continuing Professional Development

CAUDIT will provide or facilitate high quality professional development opportunities for IT Directors/CIOs and IT Professionals that contribute to their Continuing Professional Development to advance the intelligent use of Information Technology in higher education.

Enabling Collaboration & Knowledge Sharing

CAUDIT will facilitate environments whereby IT Directors/CIOs and IT Professionals can readily collaborate with each other, share knowledge and best practice, and identify domain or discipline experts who can assist them. Further, CAUDIT will facilitate communities of practice across the sector to help IT Professionals build networks and share experiences.

Promoting Evidence Based Practice

CAUDIT will take a questioning approach to IT practice within higher education with the view to helping members plan and deliver IT Services that represent industry best practice and support the use of analytics to improve the student experience.