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Talent Pool

CAUDIT Talent Pool

Motivated by staff movement over the previous 12 months, CAUDIT is developing a ‘Talent Pool’ which will serve as a vehicle for CAUDIT Member organisations to target job seekers who have experience within the higher education sector.  There is substantial value in securing staff who possess sector knowledge, especially when filling temporary or short-term contract roles.   CAUDIT wants to encourage and promote opportunities that provide continuation of career growth and the retention of skilled workers within the higher ed family.

How the talent pool works

All existing and previous IT, library and eResearch staff from CAUDIT Member organisations are welcome to subscribe to the Talent Pool list.  Subscribers remain anonymous to everyone else on the list.

When a position becomes available, sector employers can send their advert to CAUDIT who will distribute it to the whole Talent Pool list.  Subscribers of the list can view the positions and submit an application or seek further information about the opportunity.

CAUDIT is not vetting subscribers to the Talent Pool and job seekers will need to apply for any positions using the process outlined in the advertisements.

Job seekers:

If you are currently or have previously worked in an IT, eResearch or library position within the higher education sector and are actively looking for work, sign up today.  When you subscribe to the Talent Pool list you will receive email notifications on job opportunities as they become available. Share the sign-up link with anyone else that you know who will be interested in continuing in the higher ed arena.

The Talent Pool list is self-subscribing, and subscribers can remove themselves at any time.


There is no cost to CAUDIT Member organsiations to circulate your advertisement/notice - this is a free service to you.  To ensure that all your job opportunities are captured, send your advertisement through to

You can advertise any type of positing including, long and short-term contracts and casual, permanent or full-time positions.  When sending in your advert please include a position description (if available) and location of the role. 

Upon receipt of your advert, we will circulate to the Talent Pool list, and, for permanent or long-term contract positions we will also upload the advertisement to the Current Vacancies page on the CAUDIT website 

Please note that we cannot circulate your job vacancy without a contact name/email and closing date included so make sure that you include that in your email to us.  If you are filling a role that doesn’t have a position description you may wish to use this template to provide the information needed for your opportunity to be circulated.