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Tip of the Iceberg

This page has been created to host briefing and discussion papers prepared by CAUDIT for the purpose of creating awareness and generating discussion between IT staff of member institutions.  The idea of these papers is to provide you with an overview of the topic and where you can find further information should you wish to. 

The Digital Campus
September 2015
This paper draws your attention to The Digital Campus and identifies the various technologies, trends and approaches that are being incorporated by universities to create the 'Digital Campus'.
Strategy Not Technology Drives Digital Transformation
August 2015
This paper provides you with an overview of the importance of integrating digital technologies and their capabiltiites to transform processes, engage talent and drive new business models. 
Risk Management for Business Change Projects
June 2015
This paper provides you with an overview of a practical mindset and approach towards mitigating risks when implementing change within your orgianisation based on the Good Practice Guide published by UCISA.
Managing Unsolicited Vendor Contact
May 2015
A sensible approach to building your vendor relationships
Becoming irresistible:  a model for employee engagement
March 2015
Two years of research and discussions with hundreds of clients suggest five major elements and underlying strategies that work together to make organizations “irresistible.”