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USLC 2013 Workshop

QUESTnet, in partnership with CAUDIT and the USLC hosted a workshop on Software Licensing and Asset Management in Brisbane at the Ship Inn, South Bank campus, Griffith University on Tuesday & Wednesday, 8-9 October 2013.

The University Software Licensing Collaboration (USLC) group identified an opportunity to provide a hands on workshop involving vendors, resellers and software procurement staff from universities across Australia and New Zealand. The key focus was on investigating licensing solutions suitable for today’s academic environment of research, teaching and administration, with the challenges of site licensing and subscriptions, personally owned devices, and mobility all impacting on software asset management.

The workshop targeted software licensing staff who wished to share their experiences and discuss trends in, and emerging solutions to:

  • Cloud licensing and subscription management;
  • Future directions with software licensing and asset management;
  • Current asset management options being used by universities;
  • The experiences (good and bad) of universities in negotiating and managing their contracts.

Also included during the two days was:

  • A CAUDIT Strategic Procurement Update
  • The USLC September Meeting
  • Vendor presentations – Adobe, Hearne (SPSS), Keyserver and Flexera
  • Reseller presentations – Data#3 and Insight
  • Sessions focused on Asset Management systems, Site and volume licensing versus Cloud subscriptions, Contract Management (Performance and Vendor Engagement)
  • The facilitated sessions included Expert Panels where University staff discussed their implemented solutions and the attendees in groups discussed and developed best practice guides and investigated the issues and challenges for the future.
  • The presentations focused on new and emerging technologies with respect to software licensing solutions and the implications for the university environment.

The following resources have been made available to participants of the workshop and to CAUDIT member institutions.  Please note that this list is not completed - new presentations will be loaded as soon as permission from the author is received.

CAUDIT Procurement Update

Steve Johnston, Acting CEO, CAUDIT

Software Asset Management Panel

Cloud Licensing
Naveen Sharma, Manager, Enterprise Architecture and Compliance, Griffith University

Future Licensing Panel

Nobody likes talking about Licensing (but we have to…)

Aleksei Wechter, Senior Licensing Specialist, Insight


James Leathem, CEO, Magnetized Markets

Software Management Systems

Entitlement based Software Asset Management for Compliance & Cost Reduction

John Tomeny, VP, Sassafras

Additional Resources

Contract Management Systems and Processes within Universities Panel

Consumption, Procurement and Compliance
Laurent Clemot, Solution Architect, Flexera Software