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Vendor Engagement Pathways

We have a number of ways in which we are able to facilitate engagement between vendors and the sector:

Strategic Procurement Offering

CAUDIT can assist you in making an offer to be considered by the sector.  While we welcome all offers, our focus is based upon member priorities and therefore we can’t engage with every vendor in this way.  Supporting documentation about CAUDIT and our approach is available within the +Vendor Information Pack
All procurement enquires can be directed to
If your product/service is outside of the scope of the current procurement priorities you might like to consider the following options:

Partner Program

  • Product Showcase Partner - The Product Showcase Partner offering has been developed for those with a desire to showcase and/or introduce their new and existing business, products, or services to the sector via a one-off online facilitated session/webinar.  Find out more…
  • Engagement Partner - The Engagement Partner opportunity has been developed to provide a longer term, targeted, multi-faceted engagement style within the sector.  It allows for a personalised approach with the additional outcomes of more meaningful discussions.  Find out more…
All partner program enquiries can be directed to


Events hosted by CAUDIT include the annual CAUDIT Awards, Spring and Autumn Members Meetings, AHECS Cybersecurity Summit and Community of Practice Symposiums and the bi-ennial THETA conference (run in partnership with our Library and Teaching & Learning colleagues).
Opportunities for sponsorship are published via our dedicated sponsorship mailing list which you can subscribe to here.
All sponsorship enquiries can be directed to