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Volunteer opportunities

Through CAUDIT, IT Professionals can volunteer their time to support many sector wide initiatives.  As well as making a contribution to the higher education, these opportunties provide an excellent professional development opportunity to build your knowledge, skills and can expand your networks beyond the confines of your home institution, allowing you to engage with some of the leading IT Professionals in higher education.

The following volunteer opportunities are available:

Running a Conference

The following conferences are typically hosted by an institution on behalf of the IT community in Australia and New Zealand.  If you think your institution should host one of these conferences in the future, you can through your IT Director/CIO volunteer to host the the conference.

The Higher Education Technology Agenda (THETA)

This conference is run as a partnership of CAUDIT, CAUL and ACODE and is fully supported and underwritten by CAUDIT.  THETA attracts up to 700 participants and runs every second year on odd numbered years.

The University of Auckland and Auckland University of Technology will jointly host THETA 2017 from 8 - 10 May 2017 - Volunteer Now!

The Enterprise Architecture Symposium (EA)

This community-of-practice symposium runs annually, and is typically held in late November.

Expressions of interest to host future instances of the Enterprise Architecture in Higher Education Symposium are always welcome, and should be made to the organising committee of the current-year’s symposium.


This conference is run and underwritten by QUESTNet.  QUESTNet runs annually, typically in July.  The Conference runs in Queensland and can only be hosted by a member institution of QUESTNet.

A QUESTNet stream will be included within the THETA 2015 event.

The South Pacific User Services Conference (SPUSC)

This conference is run and underwritten by host institutions.  SPUSC runs annually, typicallly in October or November and aims to highlight challenges within Higher Education and provide effective strategies and solutions to overcome them.  However since 2015, a user services stream has been included within the THETA Conference program. 

Reviewing Papers for Conferences

All of the conferences listed above rely on volunteers to review papers, select presentations and keynote speakers, either as a formal member of a program commmittee, or as a reviewer.

To volunteer as a conference committee member or reviewer, subscribe the CAUDIT Newsletter and watch out for calls for volunteers.

Mentoring First Time Presenters

At select conferences, CAUDIT runs a program where first time presenters can gain the asisstance of an experienced presenter prior to the conference or event to help them put together their presentation and get tips on how to make it engaging.  To volunteer as a first time presenter mentor, subscribe to the CAUDIT Newsletter and watch our for calls for assistance. 

CAUDIT Executive Committee

Membership of the CAUDIT Executive Committee is open to IT Directors/CIOs and is by election by the IT Directors/CIOs who are full members of CAUDIT.  50% off the committee is turned over each year, with a call for nominations being issued approximately 4 weeks prior to the CAUDIT Annual General Meeting which is held in March or April each year.

Other CAUDIT Committees

CAUDIT runs a number of committees and oppportunities to join these committees and serve the broader IT community in higher education are often available.

To explore what committees are currently operating, visit here


For more information on the CAUDIT Cisco Engage, click here