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Webinar Recordings


CAUDIT runs a number of webinars on varying topics for the information of members.  The topics for the webinars are largely driven by member demand. The Presenters of these events have given permission for recordings of the sessions to be made available to members.  Please note that CAUDIT is in no way responsible for the content or delivery of the webinars.

We would ask that members do not circulate these recordings for any other purpose than to assist your fellow colleagues in their day to day performance delivery.  If you have an idea that would make an interesting topic or a case study that you would like to share please contact Cassandra Spencer at     


August 2015
19 Aug Red Hat Red Hat Update and Open Shift
An overview of our core technology products including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, JBoss Middleware, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, CloudForms, OpenStack and an introduction to OpenShift.
July 2015
22 Jul S1 Consulting EduRe Demo 
Demonstration of the highly regarded EduRe suite of CRM modules, created for universities on the Microsoft Dynamics Platform.
8 Jul Fulcrum WW Next Generation Students Communication Portal
Fulcrum Worldwide presents before you a collaborative platform for Next Generation student and staff engagement—Kaleidoscope 2.0.
June 2015
19 Jun Data Retention CAUDIT Webinar: Data Retention Legislation and impacts on CAUDIT Members
10 Jun Outpost 24 CAUDIT Webinar: Outpost 24
3 Jun Forrester CAUDIT Webinar: Forrester
May 2015
20 May Certero CAUDIT Webinar: Certero
6 May Huawei CAUDIT Webinar: Huawei
January 2015
Microsoft Understanding the Microsoft Renewal Options and Technology Alignment


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Webinar Title


LYNC Enterprise Voice in the Cloude
November 2014

Q&A Transcript

Autodesk's Free Access to Software for Education Institutions in Australian and New Zealand - Webinar August 2014

Introducing Mimecast to reduce the complexity of email management

Tenable Network Security - Webinar April 2014 - Webinar February 2014

VMware Presentation - Webinar January 2014

 Macquarie Telecom Webinar September 2013

 Sententia Webinar September 2013

 Trend Micro Webinar September 2013

Introducing MuleSoft
June 2013

Linux and Virtualisation Webcast
Delivering and Managing Low Cost Oracle Platforms
May 2013

University of Sydney - Business Intelligence Road Trip
May 2013

Remasys Update
September 2012

Advent 8
June 2012

April 2012

Designing Learning Spaces - Study Tour
March 2012

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